Mexicanos Unidos is a not-for-profit volunteer organization, serving the Mexican and Latino/a community in New York City. Our mission is to provide HIV/AIDS prevention, through education, referrals and advocacy.  Mexicanos Unidos uses art, the Mexican culture and traditions and other forms to promote the prevention of HIV/AIDS as well as to encourage solidarity and understanding towards people who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

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On Tuesday, October 16 2007 Javier Soriano, Founder and Director of Mexicanos Unidos was awarded with a procramation from Council Member Annabel Palma and others Council members of New York City. Watch the videos.
Consejal Annabel Palma Concil member

Working in a hospital gave me the opportunity to see Mexicans coming to the ER dying but they didn’t know why. They never took the HIV test before. Most of them didn’t know anything about it. That’s why I invited other Mexican educators and activists to start Mexicanos Unidos. We saw the lack of access to information within the Mexican community given the particular circumstances under which they live in New York.  Most Mexicans come to the City in search for work to support their families back home.  For many this means working long hours in the backrooms of restaurants, delis, or as day laborers.  The nature of most of these jobs does not give workers exposure to critical information that could help them better take care of their health. 

In 2001, Mexicanos Unidos was born with the commitment to provide education and information to the Mexican and Latino community in the belief that access to information is key to prevent the dissemination of HIV/AIDS.  We believe that the Mexican community can be empowered and demand the respect of our rights when we understand how HIV/AIDS is transmitted and prevented.

Mexicanos Unidos has collaborated with different Mexican organizations and HIV/AIDS service organizations. Working together is the best way to help our people. We refer members of the community to organizations where they can receive services including HIV testing, housing, food, and legal services. In addition, we have made presentations, created a directory of services and distributed educational materials in Spanish on HIV/AIDS.  We have also visited City Hall (NYC) Albany and Washington, D.C. where we have talked with different policy makers advocating for the continuation of services such as ADAP, Medicaid, housing and others.  There have been many organizations and individuals who have believed on the mission of Mexicanos Unidos and have supported the organization through its five years of existence.  We have received technical assistance from the Community Resource Exchange and fiscal sponsorship from the Latino Commission on AIDS.  We have also benefited from the work of numerous volunteers.

Annual event: Salud-Arte/Health-Art

Every year, Mexicanos Unidos has an annual event called: Salud-Arte/Health-Art. Whose main objective is to provide HIV/AIDS education to the Mexican/Latino community.  The event includes an art exhibit, Mexican folk dances, Mexican food, information tables, HIV testing, presentations on HIV/AIDS and other health topics, a variety of Mexican speakers participate and more. The event also provide a space for HIV positive and HIV negative artists to use their work as a tool to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

July: "Mexican Health Month. HIV/AIDS and other health topics"
In July 2007 we will celebrate the 3rd Mexican Health Month and to celebrate it we will offer workshops on HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, homophobia, drug and alcohol, sexually transmitted diseases among other topics.  Also, we will carry out an informational campaign in various places in the City where we will distribute information on HIV/AIDS, available services and will hand out free condoms. 

Videos/Documentaries Project: "Mexicanos: Nuestra Salud"
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Mexicanos Unidos was awarded as one of the best public access TV producers of the 2007 by MNN. Thanks MNN for all your support.

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The Latino Commission on AIDS is the fiscal sponsor of Mexicanos Unidos. If you would like to support our work, please send your check or money order payable to Mexicanos Unidos/LCOA at 24 West 25th Street 9th floor, NY, NY 10010 or make a secure donation right here.

In behalf of the clients and volunteers of Mexicanos Unidos, I would like to thank you for your continue support.

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